16 Air Assault
Brigade UK

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2nd Parachute

The army's airborne rapid reaction force.

Welcome to the 16th Air Assault Brigade! We are a unit lead by Major Slater and his command team. We are based on the real unit in the British Army who are based in Colchester.

About us


"Fury from the sky"

The Parachute Regiment leads from the front as airborne Infantry of the British Army and part of the British Army's rapid response formation, 16 Air Assault Brigade.
The “PARAS” provide the capability to deploy at very short notice, by air, worldwide. They are trained to an exacting standard and form the spearhead of the UK’s rapid intervention strategy.


"Plan your work and work your plan"

Training is a key part to the success of any infantry regiment.
We are constantly updating our training strategies and documents to provide our sections with the the training tehy require and want to perform best in the field while still having fun.

How to join

Before you can begin your application, we ask you meet the following criteria.
This ensures you are able to experiance the game to its full potential.
  • Have a working microphone
  • Own a copy of Arma 3
  • Exhibit a mature attitude
  • Able to attend a minimum 2 operations a month (run every saturday @ 19:00 GMT)
  • Join our Discord HERE and say hello

If you are looking to join us today and meet the above criteria, start your EPIC milsim experiance by filling out this form.
We look forward to seeing you very soon!
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    • 2 Para Reg.
      A Coy HQ

      Maj. J.Slater
      Capt. J.Cox

      • 1 Platoon

        Lt. L.Chaston
        Sgt. *Vacant*
        Pte. *Vacant*

        • 1 Section

          Cpl. A.Chaston
          A/LCpl. K.McIntyre
          Pte. J.Leeder
          Pte. S.Knapp
          Pte. M.Arjan
          Pte. C.Towns
          Pte. C.Heydrich
          Rct. D.Monte


          Rct. L.Brister
          Rct. A.Gençalp
          Rct. K.Ketz

        • 2 Section

          Cpl. J.Day
          L/Cpl. *Vacant*
          Pte. M.Jones
          Pte. G.Younger
          Pte. M.Boomer
          Pte. S.Woolner
          Pte. R.Hutchinson
          Pte. F.Dahl


          Pte. J.Dyer
          Pte. L.Mitchell
          Rct. H.Tallent

        • 3 Section

          Cpl. *Vacant*
          L/Cpl. *Vacant*

        • MSC

          Cpl. *Vacant*
          L/Cpl. *Vacant*

        • 16 Medical

          Cpl. *Vacant*
          Pte. M.Arjan

      • P Coy

        Lt. L.Chaston
        Sgt. *Vacant*

        • Recruits

          Rct. L.Brister
          Rct. D.Monte
          Rct. A.Gençalp
          Rct. H.Tallent
          Rct. K.Ketz